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6 Tips on Getting More Referrals From Business Christmas Cards

Vacation is a time of year everyone is thinking about sending greeting cards . This time of year is also one of the most important current year to send cards . These tips will help you get more referrals from your card and avoid some common mistakes .

1 . Business Christmas cards first and foremost tend to go on display over other cards that you send .

No matter if you send cards to other business professionals or to consumers we all want our show them during the holidays . We can put them in office shelving , office doors , cubicle walls , or consumer clients we will put them on the fireplace mantle , refrigerator , or bookcase .

Because we went on display cards we want to take extra special care and make them really stand out . This simple strategy is one of the easiest to make sure we get more referrals .

2 . Whatever you do , do not be boring with your business Christmas cards .

Boring store bought card will never be picked up and examined . I suggest putting the extra special attention to creating custom Christmas cards fun and unique . You can use technologies such as Send Out Cards to create a fun card with your photo . Using staff photo fun instead of a simple logo . Human nature is that we are interested in photos of people , especially if we are in a photo or know the people in the photos .

If you make it boring , no one will pick it up and ask " Who is this from ? " How many opportunities like this you get a referral if you are sending a boring store bought card Holiday ?

3 . Send your cards early. Do not wait until the last minute !

What happens during the holidays ? Holiday parties ! If your Christmas card is the first , and it was fun and exciting , definitely will be on display . When people come for a holiday party more than they will see your card and have a chance to pick it up . If you send too late there may not be space left on the shelf for your card . Not only that , but probably until after the party at all done . By procrastinating and sending your card late you will lose the opportunity for free reference .

4 . Send yourself a test card NOW .

Since we are talking about an important custom business Christmas cards to send yourself a test now . Do not wait until the last minute . That way you have a chance to prove and make changes before you send it to your clients . There is nothing worse than sending 300 Christmas cards to custom client only to realize that you have a clear misspelling or that your photos are not printing correctly .

5 . You will have much more chance that your card will be on display if you are using a vertical instead of horizontal design .

Because Christmas cards tend to go on the screen you want to make sure that you do not use a horizontal design . Because horizontal cards tend to fall easily they will not be on display for . Additionally you can fit more cards vertically on a bookshelf or fireplace mantle so that you will have a much greater chance that the chosen to go on display .

6 . Do not ask for referrals in your business Christmas cards .

If you ask for directions in my Christmas cards , I know you really do not care about me . I know you just sent me this to try to get more referrals .

You want your clients to feel like you care about them . If you make them feel like you do not care then they will not trust you with referrals !

If you follow the suggestions outlined above you will make fun and interesting holiday cards and you certainly will get referrals from them . Only by having fun and letting your clients know that you are a real person you will receive more referrals .

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